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Three Sisters Peaks Heli Flight - 12 min

Fly past the Three Sisters Peaks and the magnificent Goat Range where you will view vivid blue/green colors of the Spray Lakes. Your return flight will provide views of the Bow River as it meanders back towards the Town of Canmore. An excellent tour for the first-time flyer in the Canadian Rockies.
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Royal Canadian Heli Flight - 25 min

The Royal Canadian is an extension of the Three Sisters Peaks Tour. Enjoy more flight time as you climb to new heights through the Goat Range Pass and along the Sundance Range of Banff National Park where you will see mountain peaks, alpine meadows and pristine lakes. An extraordinary adventure not to be missed!
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Mount Assiniboine Heli Flight - 30 min

You are in for something special as you are transported to Mount Assiniboine - “the Matterhorn” of the Canadian Rockies. This is the most popular heli-sightseeing experience near Banff and has all the fantastic scenery of the shorter flights tours plus a fly by over top of the glacier.
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Marvel Pass Private Helicopter for 2 pax

This private tour for two flys south from Canmore past the Three Sisters, over the Spray Reservoir and the high ridges to Marvel Lake and the famous Mount Assiniboine. You set down at Marvel Pass for 15 minutes at 7,200 feet, close to Aurora Lake, surrounded by larch trees, small lakes and towering peaks.
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Six Glaciers Tour (Rockies Heli) - 20 min

Get ready for the most awe-inspiring 20 minutes of your life! Deep in the heart of the Canandian Rockies, you'll lift off to an incredible view of Abraham Lake and soar at a cool 100mph, 9,000ft (2,900m) over Cline Pass.
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Epic Summit Tour (Rockies Heli) - 30 min

Join us on our most popular flight for 30 minutes of crevasses, glaciers and waterfalls over the beautiful Wilson Icefield. Climb to 10,000ft above the Wilson Icefield, see all the way to the Continental Divide, the tall 12,000ft peack of Mt Columbia, the Llyal Icefield, Freshfield and Mt Forbes.
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Columbia Icefield Tour (Rockies Heli) - 55 min

The "Complete Columbia Icefields Tour" is just that - a complete, full 55 minutes of gorgeous scenery and ancient ice. By helicopter you'll be able to see the Columbia Icefields the way it was intended, leaving you with an awe-mazing trip highlight to remember for years to come.
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Alpine Heli Hike

This excursion offers a 6-8 minute scenic helicopter flight up through a mountain valley and then dropped off onto a high alpine meadow north of Canmore with 2.5 to 3 hours to hike over open meadows and ridges with your guide.
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